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As early as the topic! “Shin Ultraman” to be released

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The science fiction special effects movie “Shin Ultraman” was released on May 13, 2022.

Shin Ultraman is directed by Shinji Higuchi, who was also the director of “Shin Godzilla” released in 2016, and Hideaki Anno, who is famous for the “Evangelion” series etc., is credited as a plan and screenplay in the notice etc. increase.

In the successive Ultra series such as Ultraman, the car in the play that appears in the work is also popular, especially the Mazda Cosmo Sport with a red line owned by the defense organization “MAT” that appears in “Return of Ultraman” “Mat Vehicle” is famous.

Even in Shin Ultraman, some real cars appeared in the work. Introducing the model used as a car in the play. Please note that this article contains a description of the main content.

Ultraman’s favorite car is Toyota’s luxury car!

Lexus IS (3rd generation, early model)

Lexus IS (3rd generation)

The car on which the main character “Shinji Kaminaga” played by Takumi Saitoh and the alien “The Love” whose voice actor is Kenjiro Tsuda were on board is the third generation model of Lexus IS. is.

The 3rd generation model of Lexus IS has undergone two minor changes, but the IS that appeared in Shin Ultraman is the early model before the minor change, and the body color seems to be Sonic Titanium.

Even in “Ultraman”, there is a scene where Hayata who transforms into Ultraman and Alien Zarab confront each other in a fighter plane, but in Shin Ultraman, a scene that seems to be a homage to this is drawn in this IS car, so Ultraman Fans may instinctively grin.

Lexus IS appears at around 51 seconds of playback time

Toyota Land Cruiser (200 series, early model)

Toyota Land Cruiser (200 series)

The car used for movement by the organization “Beast Special Countermeasures” or “Beast Special Countermeasures Office Dedicated Team” that confronts “Beasts” in Shin Ultraman’s play is the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series.

Like the IS, the Land Cruiser has undergone two minor changes in one model, and the Land Cruiser that appears in the play is also the previous model before the minor change. The body color is black.

In the play, “Hiroko Asami” played by Masami Nagasawa holds the steering wheel, and in the scene where she runs away, the muddy sound of the V8 engine is impressive. Some fans may want to put a decal on it and reproduce the “Land Cruiser 200 with SSSP specifications”.

In “Ultraman”, director Tsuburaya’s favorite car Chevrolet Corvair appears!Will be blown up later

Chevrolet Corvair
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The car used by Shin Ultraman for the “Kagaku Tokusou” was the Land Cruiser, but the “Kagaku Tokusou” used in the first Ultraman’s “Kagaku Tokusou” was the Chevrolet Corvair.

This Corvair is the car of Mr. Hajime Tsuburaya, the director of Ultraman, and has a sticker of Kagaku Tokusou attached at the time of shooting. Despite being a personal item, it was blown up by the shooting of the science fiction special effects drama “Mighty Jack” produced after Ultraman.

“Shin Kamen Rider” is scheduled to be released in March 2023 as the next “Shin” series following Shin Ultraman. I just hope that the Land Cruiser, which was used for shooting as a special car, will not appear in this movie.

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