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Campers and motorhomes are very different from ordinary tent camps and van-dwelling in passenger cars.

I think it is all about “livability” and “comfort”.

The feeling of “outdoors” ≠ “comfort” is no longer an anachronism.

You can enjoy “outdoor play” and “freedom” in various ways.

Therefore, this time, we recommend a comfortable van-dwelling because it is a “real motor home that women want to ride”.

To the more comfortable outdoors

The outdoor culture, which can be said to be an unprecedented camping boom, is booming overall.

There was a big boom when I was a student.

There are no fashionable items like the current one even if it is camping equipment, and the era when Coleman was imported in parallel (laugh)

I went to the campsite, grilled meat over charcoal, and stayed in a tent.

I laid a silver mat on cold soil without a cot and slept in a sleeping bag.

From around this time, I became addicted to camping, and as time went on, I gradually shifted from playing “camping enjoys inconvenience” to “playing to spend a wealth of time.”

The time spent on putting in and out of tents and gear and setting up is used for trekking and other play and sports, and it feels like eating and staying under the starry sky.

Of course, the number of “high standard campsites” has increased in recent years, and even if you stay in a tent, you can take a bath and a clean flush toilet has become commonplace.

I think that the opinions of “female users” are reflected in these environmental improvements.

Even now, some female users who say “I’m not good at the outdoors” have the opinion and image that “there is no toilet or bath, it’s dirty”, “I’m not good at insects and animals”, and “I’m a little worried about staying in a tent”. I’m often asked.

Therefore, I think that the comfortable outdoor style called “glamping”, which has been booming for several years and has firmly established its presence, is attracting attention.

Three reasons why motorhomes are good for women

Of the “van-dwelling cars” other than passenger cars, the ones whose equipment is close to the “house” are called “motor homes”.

A car called a camper is the same as long as it is equipped, but the size of the car body also affects it, so it may not be possible to do the same as a “house” with a general camper.

Three reasons why this “same environment as home” makes women happy

It is “safety and security,” “private room space,” and “comfortable water surroundings.”

Reason 1 “Private room space” where you can relax like a house

Most of the campers made overseas are equipped with “motor home” equipment.

The large car body has plenty of space inside the car, and it is possible to store personal clothing and daily miscellaneous goods in the car.

This “private room space” is one of the major reasons.

With a passenger car that is used as a daily foot, it is not possible to leave household goods in the car for carrying people or going shopping, but if it is a motor home dedicated to accommodation, it is necessary to purchase all of them and keep them on hand. Is possible.

With this, you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

Reason 2 “Comfortable water surroundings”

Water surroundings such as baths, toilets, and kitchens are very important facilities for women.

Make up and remove.

We cook in the car, and we have our own toilet at any time, even on rainy days or at night.

Even if you don’t have a bath nearby, you can take a warm shower in the car without being disturbed by anyone and dry your hair without worrying about it.

You can cook your favorite dishes with your loved ones at any time, anywhere, or reheat and eat authentic takeaway dishes.

“Take” the comfort of being at home.

Reason 3 “Safety and security”.

A door with a key on a large body.

Privacy maintained by shades and curtains.

There is no need to go outside because it is fully equipped with water.

Even if you stay in the car in the service area, you don’t have to go out to the bathroom during the night.

Even if you’re staying at a campsite, you won’t walk the night road with a flashlight in your hand.

Even in the event of a storm with unexpected snow or lightning strikes, the motorhome will protect you with a strong body like at home.

It also means that it can be used as a “shelter” even in the event of a disaster.

I think it is irreplaceable for women to have an environment where “safety and security” can be obtained.

The fact that you can drive even a large car

Large bodies are often thought to be difficult to drive.

Certainly, many women in the world are not good at driving.

However, there are many female drivers on heavy-duty trucks, and I don’t think there is a gender handicap.

If you’re a woman and long for a big motorhome, with a little practice and tips, you can enjoy a comfortable car trip.

Going out at a motorhome is different from everyday life.

The fact that the car body is large will be positioned as a car for “going out” from the beginning.

Then you can control the destination, route, and travel time by yourself.

I hate traffic jams, so I definitely avoid busy hours when traveling.

When something unexpected happens, such as an accident, I find a place where I can take a break as soon as possible, do not drive unnecessarily, and relax and wait for the traffic to clear.

By moving in less crowded situations, you should be able to concentrate on your driving without worrying about other cars.

Take as big a road as you can and move in your spare time.

I think that this alone will eliminate the worry of driving.

Now you can check all the destination information online.

At the stage of planning a trip, you can easily find out whether it is an easy place to go by checking the width of the road and the size of the parking lot using a map application on the Internet.

Do not move a large car with “sudden”.

It can be said that the gentle and detailed driving unique to women is perfect.

Recent advances in back cameras and dash cams have made it possible to ride a motorhome with poor rear visibility with peace of mind.

Even in a dark parking lot, you can check it like daytime thanks to the high-performance camera.

Outdoor activities and long trips with your dear friends and pets

Motorcycles for surfing, snowboarding and diving.

There are a wide variety of outdoor activities that women enjoy.

Other than that, for example, swimming in the sea.

With a motorhome, you no longer have to use a crowded seaside house or a sandy shower room.

Meals can be enjoyed with food stored in your own freezer and cold beer.

Stay overnight with like-minded friends for a trip.

Even if it is usually difficult to arrange holidays and you do not have time, you can enjoy it more effectively with a motor home.

The meeting is at 9 pm when work is done and ready.

Take turns running on the vacant highway and go straight to the scenic point you admire.

When you get close, take a nap in the car until morning and enjoy yourself the next day!

Unlike hotels and campsites, check-in and out times are free.

If it rains, you can change your destination or watch a movie in the car.

The special space will further enrich the enjoyment and friendship of your trip.

A beloved pet who always stays with me.

I want to go on a trip together, but the accommodations I can stay at are limited.

But if you have a motorhome, you can take it anywhere with you for days.

Even if you play a lot on the sandy beach, you can rest assured that there is an outside shower.

Even if it rains, you can spend time together in a large room, so you can play more than usual.

Would you like to go on a comfortable trip at the motor home?

A comfortable environment for women will surely be comfortable for everyone else.

Although it is a limited space inside the car, it is a motor home where you can do the same things as usual without stress.

“Comfort” expands the range of play and makes you more active.

I would like women to enjoy the true “relaxing journey” that can only be achieved with a large motorhome.

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